Best Choice for Your Growth

Kyuriosity was founded by Gregor Rebolj, co-founder of Klika and a Sportradar executive, to help tech founders build businesses with impact. The startup studio combines financial resources, human capital and an analytical approach to de-risk the process of building new ventures. It entails establishing a clear market need for the product, recruiting the best co-founder and building the best team to grow the business from the ground up. 

Our Method to Launch New Businesses

Founder and Concept

We recruit talented and driven local tech entrepreneurs and generate business ideas worth solving.

Concept Validation

We conduct in-depth research, design the initial product, and run quick and many experiments to validate the business model with actual customers.

Investment Formula

We put the first money in and then assemble the remaining seed capital from the most strategic investors.

Stability and Growth

We work alongside the founder and call on our network to hire the core team and grow the business.

Continuous Support

We support the venture's growth as hands-on co-founders, continuing to provide strategic guidance from concept to scale.

Sustainable Future

We insist on creating organizations with ethical DNA, workplaces that promote flexibility, collaboration and connectivity, and business models with a positive future footprint.

Core Belief

Our core belief is to experiment early and often. We pull business ideas from within our network of resources and assign in-house specialists to develop them alongside high-capacity, high-conviction founders. As they mature, we connect them with strategic investors and offer ongoing support as hands-on co-founders to ensure the success of each venture we choose to launch.

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