Teaching tech leads how to do better software engineer work

The Lean Engineer Masterclass program is a carefully crafted learning experience that teaches tech leads how to do better software engineering work, aligned with users and the business, have more influence in the company by becoming fluent in the language of product managers and executives, and help create successful products for the customers.

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Program Goals

By the end of the program, you will be able:
01. Understand

Understand how and why (or why not) your company is successful and how you can help.

02. Give Feedback

Give quality feedback on product requirements by considering user needs, company goals and engineering feasibility.

03. Engage

Engage in user research, customer support, and other activities, to learn more about how the product works.

04. Design

Properly design, implement and learn from experiments.

05. Suggest

Bring well-backed feature/product suggestions to the table.

06. Data

Learn from data and help your organization focus on what really matters.

07. Trade-off

Offer product/engineering trade-offs for the projects you work on.

08. Offer advice

Offer invaluable support and advice to your product manager.

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